Registered Office Services or Tax Residency Services refer to the provision of a physical address and administrative support for companies or organizations. It is a service commonly offered by specialized companies, often called registered office service providers or registered agents.

The registered office is the official address of a company or organization that is registered with the government or relevant regulatory bodies. It serves as the legal and official address where official correspondence, legal documents, and government notices can be sent. The registered office address is publicly available and is listed in the company’s registration documents, such as the articles of incorporation or registration forms.

Registered Office Services

Registered Office Services providers offer their address as the registered office address for companies that do not have a physical office in a particular jurisdiction, or for companies that prefer to keep their address confidential. These services typically include:

  • Provision of a physical address: The service provider offers their office address as the registered office address for the client company. This address is used for official communications and legal purposes.
  • Mail forwarding: The service provider receives mail and other important documents addressed to the client company’s registered office and forwards them to the appropriate recipients.
  • Document management: The service provider may assist with the management and organization of important documents related to the client company’s registered office, such as maintaining registers and records required by law.
  • Compliance support: Registered Office Services providers may also offer additional compliance support, such as ensuring that the company complies with local laws regarding the maintenance of a registered office address and fulfilling statutory requirements.

t’s important to note that the exact services provided by registered office service providers may vary, so it’s advisable to review the specific offerings and terms provided by each provider before engaging their services. Additionally, the legal requirements for registered offices may vary between jurisdictions, so it’s essential to ensure compliance with the laws of the relevant country or region where the company is registered.

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Heraklion City

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Provisions – Services

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Provision of virtual office or virtual headquarters or virtual office in Heraklion Crete (Iraklion),

Providing a business address in in Heraklion Crete (Iraklion),

Provision of professional / business space in Heraklion Crete (Iraklion),

Provision of flexible workspace in Heraklion Crete (Iraklion),

Provision of a shared office in Heraklion Crete (Iraklion),

Provision of a private office suite or private workspace in Heraklion Crete (Iraklion),

Provision of a professional lease in Heraklion Crete (Iraklion).

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