According to the Greek tax legislation, the registered office address is a physical space of few square meters (usually around 5 sq.m.). The tax headquarters or Tax Registered Address offers a physical address along with the necessary furniture, optional business administration and support services, minus the costs associated with renting large office space and administrative staff.

When renting a traditional office, you pay for a room or a floor in a building from which you will conduct your business. You can use this physical address in all official mail of the company, as well as receive incoming mail and telephone calls to this site.

A tax headquarters or Tax Registered Address in Heraklion Crete (Iraklio) provides you with almost the same services as a traditional workplace, except that you do not actually use this physical office space (while it exists), allowing you to work wherever you want, while maintaining a stable, officially registered business address. at any time ready for any inspection by the Tax Authorities (according to the Greek tax legislation). Obviously, the monthly cost reflects this, registered office address available for rent for just € 50 per month.

How does a Tax Headquarters or Tax Registered Address in Heraklion Crete (Iraklio)?

You can run a business remotely from anywhere in the world while maintaining a consistent address and access to critical business management services, such as forwarding mail to your chosen destination, using a meeting room for whenever you need it, local landline phone with message pre-answer etc. You can also use the tax headquarters as your registered address at the tax authorities, social security authorities and chambers.

Equipment you need for your Tax Headquarters or Tax Registered Address in Heraklion Crete (Iraklio)

You do not need any equipment as a tax headquarters or Tax Registered Address includes the necessary office furniture. Now as a remote employee, it is important to emulate a real office environment wherever you are to ensure that you get the most out of your work.

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Heraklion Crete (Iraklio)

Heraklion, also known as Iraklio, is a port city and the capital of the Greek island of Crete. It’s known for the Palace of Knossos, just outside the city. The huge archaeological site dates back thousands of years to the Minoan civilization, and includes frescoes and baths. Guarding the city’s Venetian port is the 16th-century Koules fortress. Heraklion Archaeological Museum has a large collection of Minoan art. «Wikipedia»


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