Tax Residences or Headquarters
An alternative, easy and safe way for those looking for a professional headquarters in Heraklion!

Everything is ready and taken care of for you, to help your business grow.

Real business space for service activities, without physical presence, for start-ups, under liquidation, start up and grown up companies that want to reduce their operating costs. You don’t pay bokerage fees and deposoit. A Lease Agreement and an official post on Taxisnet are provided.

  • Office furniture with storage space and lock,

  • Instant professional business address,

  • Meeting room access and use (6 hours / month),

  • Use of mailbox,

  • Use of call center (extra charge),

  • Courier services (with extra charge).

Additional Services

Give your professional profile the prestige that suits you.

Call Center Access

Exclusive telephone number, welcome messages and call recording are provided

Meeting Room Access

Meeting room with ventilation, air conditioning, Samsung 43’ smart TV, espresso coffee, tea

Mail Management

Sorting, information, archiving or mail forwarding service


Marking and displaying your business at the main entrance of the building

Business Tips

Accounting, legal and business coaching services are provided

Business Continuity

Mail delivery service and use of call center after your departure

Frequently asked quetions

What is a Tax Residency or Tax Headquarter or Tax Warehouse?

A Tax Residency (Wharehouse Space) is an autonomous and independent proffesional warehouse space (usually around 4 sq.m.) and is suitable for trading companies or business. A Tax Residency (Office Space) is a furnished business space (usually around 3-5 sq.m.) with or without physical presence and is suitable for business services.

Is a Tax Residence a legal business space for business housing?

Yes, it is legal for starting a business or for housing a business. Taxisnet Posting Certificate, Lease Agreement and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) are provided

Does the rent include energy, water and utility bills and cleaning services?

Yes, all bills are included.

Does the lease have an Energy Performance Certificate?

Yes it has. The details of each Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) refer to each Certificate of Posting on Taxisnet.

Is the Tax Residence a “virtual office” or a “virtual headquarters”? What is a “virtual office” and what facilities does it offer?

No, it is not a “vitual office”. The “virtual office” or “virtual headquarters” is a service providing professional mailbox or business address and secretarial support (call center, reception, mail management).

Is there a lease on the “virtual office” or the “virtual headquarters”?

No business space is provided, professional mailbox is provided. Yes, a Professional Mailbox Lease Agreement is provided. No Certificate of Posting by Taxisnet and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is provided.

What about the tax authorities autopsy?

The coworking spaces that we offer you for rent are legal for an autopsy of the tax authotrities Your Lease Agreement is accompanied by an official Lease Posting Certificate on TaxisNet.

What kind of coworking space is legal for funding programs ΕΣΠΑ;

Legal business space for funding programs are the Private Office Suites and Warehouse Tax Headquarters or Tax Residences for e-Shop.

What kind of coworking space is legal to declare ΚΑΔ trade and e-shop?

Legal business space for the ΚΑΔ trade declaration and / or e-shop is the Private Office Suites or Warehouse Tax Headquarters.

How long does it take to complete the hiring process?

Firstly, you provide us the details of your business or organization electronically. Then we send you the Certificate of Posting to Taxisnet together with the Lease Agreement signed, within 24 hours.
Finally, you provide us back, the Lease Agreement signed and you accept the Certificate of Posting on Taxisnet, within 3 working days.

What are the payment methods?

  • By bank transfer to our bank accounts:
  • National Bank of Greece,
  • Piraeus Bank,
  • Alpha Bank,
  • Pancreta Bank.

Can I pay by the month?

Trying to ensure the lowest possible cost we offer four different rental packages:

Quarter 240€ plus VAT 24%,
Semester 420€ plus VAT 24%,
Annual 720€ plus VAT 24%,
Two-year 1,200€ plus VAT 24%.

What will be the official address of your lease?

10 Dimitriou Kokotsi Street, Komvos Papanastasiou, 714 09, Heraklion.

What is the tax office does that coworking space belong to?

Tax Office Irakliou.

Who leases my coworking space?

The individual company Coworking Spaces ΕΜΜΑΝΟΥΗΛ ΧΑΤΖΑΚΗΣ with VAT/Tax ID Reg. 125588253, Tax Office Irakliou and located at Dim. Kokotsi 10, 714 09, Heraklion. Year of establishment of Coworking Spaces: 2019, Year of establishment of a Sole Proprietorship: 2004.


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